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Kenya Orthodontics

Kenya Orthodontics Dental Clinic is now a fully digital clinic thanks to our solution, fmClinic. The Clinic Management System has ensured:

  • Continuity of Care of their patients since the clinicians have a complete history of each patient’s treatment.
  • Reduced Waiting Time for Patients.
  • Easier Appointment Scheduling as well as automated appointment reminders.



This is what they are saying about us

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Dr. Wandia
Lead Orthodontist

It has been amazing using fmClinic software since I joined Kenya Orthodontics.
It’s easy to use and very efficient. It is an all-in-one system hence the team is not stressed switching from one software to another and the documents are well organized.
I cannot ask for anything more!

Beth Mwangi
Clinic Manager

fmClinic is amazing in the fact that it reduces paperwork. Patient information is well recorded and easing access to patient records.